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Course Philosophy

Course Philosophy

The theoretical underpinnings of the courses is the work of Dr’s Janet Travell and David Symons as outlined in their authorative text, Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction – The Trigger Point Manual.

Notwithstanding their contribution, other approaches, particularly to dry needling, are examined including those of Dr Peter Baldry, Dr Chan Gunn and Dr Andrew Fischer.

In addition, a broader consideration of musculoskeletal dysfunction as seen in common Myofascial pain syndromes will encompass the theories of muscle balance developed by Vladimir Janda, as well as the concepts of soft tissue dysfunction seen in the therapeutic techniques strain counter strain (positional release) put forward by Leon Chaitow.

Applying the Myofascial techniques of the Masters

Having trained under or worked with many of these pioneers in the field of Myofascial pain, the centre’s director Mr Andrew Gallagher is able to bring a direct and personal interpretation of their work to the contemporary study of Myofascial pain.

Whilst the technique of dry needling will be considered in depth, other approaches will also be taught including manual Myofascial release and muscle energy technique.

Myofascial pain is a common chronic pain disorder, and as such, an overview of general pain management principles will be undertaken with an emphasis on the interplay between physical activity, sleep disorders, psychological factors, medication, and the holistic management of Myofascial pain syndromes.

“Myofascial pain is commonly seen but rarely diagnosed in primary care practice.”
- Dr Janet Travell


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Case Studies

  • Five case studies provide an overview of the types of patient symptoms that have been significantly reduced through Myofascial and Dry Needling Therapies.


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